11 March 2017

How to Make a Speaker at Home - Using Plastic Bottle

9 January 2016

Khana har kisi ko he, Ugana koi nahi chahta

Marna sabko he, marna koi nahi chahta
khana sabko he, ugana koi nahi chahta

Watch this awesome video, learn where are we heading

We tend to abuse most inventions, we started wasting water when it became available through Borewell.
DON'T waste water, can't stop air pollution - Plant a tree, adopt a tree & take care of it...It will take care of you too. 

Now is the time to save the planet, Now is the time to is not a Hollywood movie that we all will save our planet in 2 hours, we have start now, save water, save trees, limit pollution, else the next generation would say that these are the people who either depleted and/or polluted everything &  left us nothing.
Source is the inspirational guy in the video

7 January 2016

Mumbai - Magnet city!! but WHY

Mumbai is really a magnet city, everyone gets pulled towards it, you do not have to be attracted towards Film fraternity but even a corporate guy would be more willing to work in Mumbai than in Delhi (or some other Indian city for that matter) but why is so, I often think about this while traveling & living here.

  • The city has worst roads when compared to other metro cities. Yes, apparently, BMC doesn't have enough brain_Power to do this (Certainly manpower can't be a problem). Even time can't be a factor, making roads in night time doesn't pose an obstruction in other countries/Indian cities.
  • The city is too cramped up, too many vehicles leading to huge pollution problem & over crowded streets & highways. I have never seen a national highway getting jammed up daily.
  • The worst of all being the whether, 24*7*365 sweaty.
  • Been to many places but have never seen rude people, yes people are very rude & if you don't know a way here, GOD help you coz people won't.
 Trying my best to survive.

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26 December 2015

Frustating experience

A successful leading company in Indian aviation, only private company in INDIA to have been in profits since a long time ......... BUT...

I have faced two irritating experience in recent 15-20 days & Indigo had left no stone unturned to make my misery lessen.

#Indigo #goindigo

You are very scarcely populated on staff & aircrafts, yet you don't spend a minute to collect money from customers ( yes, your website is very smooth but that's an appreciation for your Web developer..NOT YOU)

At the very least you should warn all your passengers that the flight will get delayed, this is the least thing (Sending 200 mssgs isn't a big deal)

​I drove all night to catch the early morning flight, it was a hassle of minutes, if the flight was on time, I would have been denied check in.

6 November 2015

Need help!!!

Hello readers!! Need your help...

An acquaintance of mine is in deep family trouble & those of you who are willing to help, please contact me at my below email id.

This help can be monetary or by donating blood. Location is Mumbai (India) & I genuinely want to contribute.

This is #no_fake_request, #no_spam & #no_money_earning post, genuinely wanna help a needy, please contact me.

Please drop in a message at my FB account
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4 September 2015

A simple act of caring creates a ripple.....that comes back to you

I came across this simple yet very powerful message, seen in this video below, have a look & comment your view in the comments section, share your experiences as well.. video
A simple act of caring creates a ripple.....that comes back to you

21 May 2015

Corrupt We are

Posting after a long long time..
Corrupt we the core!!!

I am disheartened while writing this & surely not proud of all of us (as indians). I know, I know, we are progressing in almost every area & have left no stone un-turned, but all this fame, all this hard work is going down the lane.

My government is busy in making cow my national animal, saving them would not make us prosperous, providing veg food to all would & why just cows, what wrong has chicken done to the "Hindutva govt."??? Why not save their lives as well. Stop eggs are killing an unborn would be gravest of all...

Well, wasn't hear to write all that shit, I am here to bring another shit full image to the front,  just showing you all a small mirror.

We have become so corrupt that even after irritated to the core, we are always ready to bribe to get our work done.
Demanding party is also between us as the giving party.
we are so deep in this shit that even the ruling party does power theft, they can buy power at subsidized rates (or on actuals), but they choose to steal it coz none of us objects.

This was happening in Andheri,a major suburb in Mumbai where educated people. Yes dude MUMBAI!!!
Shouldn't we be enjoying with an AC as we will be paying for this stolen power...yes buddy, you and me will be paying for every KW of stolen electricity.

Walking further down the lane, i saw a police van (still in Andheri)...wish i had remembered its number but i was focussing on police personnel, the van was stalling in front of every liquor shop & illegal vendors...demanding packets (imagine whats in the packet)...

Nihar Taranekar

2 September 2014

India against Kanya Bhron hatya #raiseyourvoice

New job :: dude office me ladkiya kitni he

New roommates :: bhai koi gf wagarah

Fooling around with friends on a beach
:: bhai kya mast ladki he..check her out....

If thats all you want why killing newly born girl babies...

Thats not all, you need mothers for every lil things....girlfriends...wife...hell you need them for everything...
Remember you were born thru a lady...

grow up...stand up to ur elders n say NO to kanya bhrun hatya...

14 August 2014

INDIA: Independence?? Really

Celebrating Independence day tomorrow???

Just another holiday for you?? Sure...

Still ruled by atrocious, deaf governments...after 67 years of "Independence" we still have facilities like in the dark ages...

No electricity, unhygienic drinking water, no toilets, worsening roads, corrupt politicians and what not...

Probably the only country that asks for your caste while you fill a government recruitment form....

So many countries smaller than ours have such good facilities in this technology-full era yet we are so much potential but the thinking "me kya kar sakta hu" takes the whole thing downwards...

As they say in hindi..boond boond se sahar banta he...DO YOUR BIT & leave your neighbour's concerns... May be he will do his bit watching you doing yours..

Please pledge to a better society...more contribution towards healthier system..please adopt a stray animal n God will take care of the rest.

Like all of you i too love my country..
So guys Happy Independence day...

May this coming year bring peace, security & prosperity for us all and our country.

4 July 2014

Merits of Planting Trees

The Padma Purana describes the merits of planting various trees.

He who plants a tree live in heaven and saves his relatives. Planting trees can make a sonless person have a son.

Planting the Aswattha Tree can bestow wealth and many sons, and also destroy diseases.

Planting the Ashoka Tree can destroy grief.

Planting the Plaksha Tree can give the fruit of a sacrifice.

Planting the Ksira Tree can make the life long.

Planting the Jambuki Tree can give daughters.

Planting the Dadimi Tree can give wife.

Planting the Palasa Tree can take one to Brahman.

Planting the Ankola Tree can lead to expansion of family.

Planting the Khadira Tree can bestow good health.

Planting the Nimba Tree pleases the Sun.

Planting the Sri Tree pleases Shiva.

Planting the Red Lodhra Tree pleases Parvati.

Planting the Simsapa Tree pleases the celestial nymphs.

Planting the Kunda Tree pleases the Gandharvas.

Planting the Tindika Tree can bestow servants.

Planting the Candana and Panasa Tree can bestow religious merits and wealth.

Planting the Campaka Tree can bestow good fortune.

Planting the Vakula or Bakula Tree can expand the family.

Planting the Coconut Tree can bring wives.

Planting the Grape creeper can give a beautiful wife.

Planting the Ketaki Tree can destroy one's enemies.

Preserve Nature,
And Nature will preserve Us,
Plant Trees,
And make our planet Green.